The move is on

We were thinking our house move wasn’t going to happen until next year sometime – probably early March or April – as we’d had no promising viewings for around 6 weeks. Then, almost out of the blue, an offer came in. We played the usual bartering game and came to a price that both parties were happy with. Following that, a weekend later we found and had an offer accepted on a property to replace it. Happy Days!

In the meantime, #iDefLite is coming along nicely. I decided the game was working well and felt that it was time to finish it. The actual gameplay was already in, and around half the title screen was working, so the game was approaching the dreaded last 10%. Any programmer will tell you that it’s often the hardest and longest part of a project to finish.

For those wondering about our #ParadroidRemake, that’s currently on the back burner for a bit. Once I get iDefLite out, my intention is to get back to finishing it but. with Christmas coming up rather rapidly, and the move to a new home in the new year, I can’t realistically see me getting enough time to finish my part of it before the New Year. But we shall see.