I am Batman!

I have been lucky enough to own the PSVR (PlayStation 4 Virtual Reality headset and kit) since the day of release. I would have to say that this has made gaming a new experience that I am really enjoying.

Sony has done a really good job on the headset and the games that have been released so far for it. I can’t really say much about other VR solutions as I haven’t had a chance to try any, apart from a brief play with Caretaker Sacrifice on the Oculus Rift, back in the early days of its development last year.

So far Batman Arkham VR has to be one of the best games for the PS4 VR platform, and I am proud to say that I have achieved completion 100%.  It’s not very often I will play a game all the way through. but this one has such a great storyline and puzzles to solve that it has even exposed my weakness to heights!

Even sitting down and looking from the top of the balcony in one of the scenes gives me a shocking realization how well VR can mess with your brain. I’m not saying its a bad thing, but I am sure some would. It’s definitely not for everyone.