Paradroid Graphics, Part 1

In an earlier post, I mentioned that I had created a Paradroid level just for testing out the wall collisions in a project that ended up being a tribute to PacMan that I called (WacaWaca).

Initially, I spent a long time trawling the internet, looking for the whole game ripped out, with all the graphics and levels in screenshots, or any sort of method that I could use. Sadly, all I came up with was lots of screenshots in different colours and sizes. Not really much help!

So, I began the process of looking at the game itself. The graphics are all in 8×8 character sized pieces, with each “tile” being 2 characters in width and height. With this in mind, I played the game for a while, taking numerous screenshots of what I thought would give me a complete set of tiles.

 In this image, you can see that there are 8 distinct tiles that can be extracted to make up the tileset.


With some trimming down of the grabbed images, I was left with what you can see above. This was obviously a bit messy, as the game has different colours on different levels and not all the tiles are used on every level (or deck). I then began the re-colouring of the tiles so that they were all the same visually, and cutting out 16 * 16 chunks to build up the tile-set that you can see below.

When this process was completed, I ended up with this tile-set. Although it wasn’t complete, it was enough to start building a level of the game, without any animating tiles like the charging station, or the doors opening and closing.

Here is an example of a complete deck built using the tile-set:

To be continued.